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Turf Nurture Lawn Restoration Fertilizer
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Turf Nurture All Organic Lawn Restoration Fertilizer

     A premier lawn restoration fertilizer that eliminates many of the problems of a stressed out lawn. Turf Nurture reduces or eliminates the dead grass "thatch layer". Reducing the thatch layer can reduce or eliminate diseases which reside in thatch. Eliminating thatch also allows water to go directly to the roots instead of being trapped in this spongy layer.

     25 Lb bag covers 5,000 square feet of lawn area, and 40 Lb bag covers 8,000 square feet

Turf Nurture contains the following plant food nutrients derived from multiple sources (including organics) .


Derived from


Feather meal,   Methylene urea,   ammonium sulfate,   urea,   monammonium phosphate,   meat and bone meal,   paprika,   kelp


Monammonium phosphate, dicalcium phosphate, meat and bone meal


Potassium Phosphate, paprika


Dicalcium phosphate, hydrated lime, meat and bone meal


Potassium sulfate, sulfate from minor nutrients


Iron oxide, Iron sulfate


Manganese sulfate


Magnesium sulfate, magnesium oxide, hydrated lime


Zinc oxide


Copper oxide

Who buys Turf Nurture?
  • A person who wants the best lawn in the neighborhood and is willing to spend a little extra to have it.
  • The person who has persistent patch disease problems in the lawn and is willing to spend a little more to fix the problem. Nurture products will suppress patch disease because they are inoculated with specific disease suppressing bacteria.
  • The person who has given up on his or her lawn and is ready to replace the lawn but will try one last possible fix.
  • The person who has problems with thatch, especially in sod lawns, and will change their fertilizer program to try to fix the problem. Nurture products are inoculated with specific bacteria that speed up the degradation of excess organic matter and because of its slow release properties will not encourage excess thatch.
  • The person, who is personally dissatisfied with the lawn's present performance, wants to change it; and is willing to spend a little extra money.

  • Turf Nurture 25 lb Lawn Restoration Ferilizer T25

    SKU: T25
    Dimensions: 24 x 16 x 5
    Weight: 28.00


    Turf Nurture 40 lb Lawn Restoration Ferilizer T40

    SKU: T40
    Weight: 42.00