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On this Allemon’s website, we extend the same service and care to our online customers that we do to our onsite customers in our 80+-year-old family-owned and operated landscape-center business. How is that possible?

1.  Browse our store using the store map above. Here’s how you can wander up and down virtual aisles and choose your gardening merchandise much as if you were right here in the store…
  • You start your virtual store experience with a top-down view of the store, seeing the whole property. Then you can go inside the building by zooming in when you mouse over the building.
  • Look for highlighted product areas like Long Handled Tools, Moss Planters, Animal Deterrents, Organic Fertilizers, Arbors, Gloves, Electric/Gas Power Tools, Wind Chimes. Click on the product area that you are interested in.

    Some product areas generate an advanced search with particular settings. Scroll below the search parameters to view the products.
2.  Use the Advanced Search function to look for a specific product, perhaps "potting soil," with your desired price range.

3.  Ask our experts. At Allemon’s, you’ll not only find quality products on the virtual shelves, you can also ask for reliable advice and solutions to your gardening challenges. You can request that advice online as well as onsite—just go to Ask Our Experts.