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Our History

In 1929 William J. Allemon was facing a difficult future.  A recent widower with three small children to care for, his prospects were dim. The great depression was in full swing and he, along with most of his friends and family had lost nearly everything in the disastrous economy. 

The only thing left was a small, one acre piece of property at the corner of Mack Avenue and University, and a huge determination to make things better for his kids, Florence, Henry and Joe.

Working 16 hour days and seven day weeks, Bill Allemon had only one product in those early days - top soil left over from the east
side/Grosse Pointe building boom.  

Starting in a converted eight foot square ice cream stand,  the business grew rapidly and soon Bill found himself selling everything from bedding plants in summer to lop earred rabbits at Easter.

Florence, Henry and Joe helped their dad build the business through the war years of the 1940's until Bill's retirement in the early 1960's.

Hank Tavery, who had married Florence in 1946, joined Bill, Henry and Joe Allemon  in the late 1950's as the business grew to include the east side's largest line of gardening supplies, nursery stock and seasonal/Christmas offerings.

In 1989, brothers Joe Jr. and Ed Allemon, began the third generation of family ownership of Allemon's Landscape Center.  Today, Allemon's has grown from it's humble beginnings into the largest supplier of gardening and landscaping supplies/plants in the Grosse Pointe area.

Stop by soon to look over our wide selection of garden plants, accessories and supplies, or just to enjoy our unique garden atmosphere.

Bill Allemon's first "motto", printed on his early invoice pads was "we sell the earth".  Today, more than 80 years later, we still do!